Turtle underwater

Diving Tour

Diving tour Book This Tour $120-170/each Book Tour 3.5 Hours 2-8 People Discover the underwater world with us! Diving in Sámara takes you to a world with extraordinary dimensions, so, you will experience magical colors, shapes, textures and sea creatures … Read More

Tortuga hacia el mar

Turtle Nesting

Turtle Nesting Book This Tour $45-$50($35-$40 kids)/each Book Tour 3 Hours 2-10 People It is such a special experience that it is difficult to describe why we invite you to experience it! Seeing the turtles lay their eggs is a … Read More

Kayak tour

Kayak at the majestic Ora River

Kayak at the majestic Ora River Book This Tour $50($40 kids)/each Book Tour 3.5 Hours 2-8 People 3 Miles Magrove Kayak tour Located just 20 minutes away from Samara is an entertaining option to learn about the biodiversity of this … Read More

Hiking tour scenes

Samara Trails (Werner Sauter Reserve)

Samara Trails Book This Tour $39($29 kids)/each Book Tour 3 Hours 2-8 People 4 Miles Werner Sauter Reserve Samara Trails tour takes you through the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve, one of the only private reserves in Guanacaste. This 2.5 hour … Read More

Fishing Selfie

Fishing Trips

Fishing Trips Book This Tour $400-850/ by group Book Tour 4-8 Hours 1-6 People The ideal activity for the whole family! Inshore fishing : golden fish, red snapper, black and yellow fin tuna and much more. Offshore fishing : marlin, … Read More

Magical sunset

Sunset and Snorkeling Tour

Sunset Tour Book This Tour $50-$55 adults/$35-$45 kids Book Tour 3.5 Hours 2 – 8 People Be surprised by the nature's wonders The sunsets in Sámara are beautiful, going through pink, red and orange tones until the sun goes down; … Read More

People at the horseback riding tour

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Book This Tour $50-55/each Book Tour 2.5 Hours 1-8 People 1.6 Miles Playa Sámara, Buena Vista and local viewpoint A fun way to appreciate the landscapes of Sámara is through a horseback riding , leaving from the town … Read More

Ocean Kayak and Snorkeling Chora Island

Chora Island Ocean Kayak and Snorkel Book This Tour $45 ($35)/Adult (kids) Book Now 3 Hours 2-8 People ” Samara’s “big little island” is a must-see! CHORA ISLAND IS A MUST VISIT WHILE YOU ARE IN SAMARA. National Wildlife Refuge, … Read More

Person at the stand up paddle board tour

Stand up Paddle board to Chora Island

Stand up paddle board to Chora Island Book This Tour $49 ($39)/Adults (kids) Book Tour 3.5 Hours 2-8 People Balance Adventure in the Ocean The starting point for this balace adventure is south of Sámara beach, a place known for … Read More

Dolphins swimming at the sea

Dolphin Tour in Samara Beach

Dolphin and Snorkeling tour Book This Tour $50-59/each Book Tour 3.5 Hours 2-16 People FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Guanacate, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, is the perfect place to go dolphin watching because these playful animals live here all … Read More